New House Tour: The Basement

We’ve been in our new house for just over a week now and I am pleased to say that we are at least 80% of the way done with unpacking. We were fortunate to move into a house that was basically turnkey so we didn’t even need to do any painting. Given that we are not people who would take any joy out of buying a fixer upper, this is a very good thing.

In terms of the house, I suspect the basement will be the room we hang out in the most. After getting strep throat last week and not doing any unpacking for several days (Mr. Monkey was an Ikea furniture assembly rock star during this time), I was itching to get the basement done so I stayed up FAR too late on Saturday getting it done. I am so glad I did though because the room is cozy and comfortable and perfect for us.

When you come down the stairs off the kitchen this is the view into the basement:

The blue table is on wheels so the kids can move it around for Lego building or trains or whatever. To the right is a bathroom and to the left is my office space:


This is a smaller space than in the house we were renting but I think it will work fine for me. This is hopefully is where some dissertation magic will happen this spring.

On the wall is not some elaborately planned out display of art. Nope. Just pictures and prints that make me feel happy.


The other part of the basement that makes me feel happy is this cheerful little nook for the kids to read and play:


I love the orange couch in the middle of the room (and the bonus six-year-old hiding from the camera on it) (please note toys on the floor for bonus realism. I tend to prefer a more substantial couch but the stairway to the basement is very narrow and has a low overhang so our old orange couch (apparently I have kind of a thing for orange furniture) couldn’t fit down so we had to go for a more minimal line.


The basement also has our laundry room and an unfinished storage space, which is crucial in a house that isn’t quite 1500 square feet.

I think this room is going to be perfect for cold winter days. It feels like home.


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