House tour continued: The Nook

Out house is an older house with a converted attic space as the upstairs master bedroom. We are lucky in that the folks who lived here before us did a great job with the updates and renovations they made and this space is no exception. In a relatively small house, it is probably the biggest room in the house and has enough room for Mr. Monkey to have an office space and for me to have my favorite space in the house: a reading nook.

It is hard to get a great shot of this space with the layout of the upstairs, but just assume you’ve walked up a relatively steep staircase and on your right hand side is this space:

BeFunky_nook 1.jpg

A cozy orange chair, a little lamp and my ever growing stack of books to be read. I think I might like to add an ottoman or a foot rest of some sort, but it is nearly perfect as a little space of my own.

We are still putting the finishing touches on the rest of the room, which currently looks like so:


Even with the desk and the bed and the dresser there is still a lot of floor space in here. A part of me wishes I could steal a bit and make a coat closet for the lower level (a house in Minnesota with no coat closet? I’m not sure I understand the logic) but alas I am not a home improvement genie.

The house is really starting to feel like home now.

On an unrelated note, I’ve decided my son is on a mission to embarrass me with his lack of social limits. The first weekend we were here he decided he wanted to meet the kid who lived in the house behind us (our yards are separated by an alley and they don’t have a back fence…yet) so he wandered over and walked DIRECTLY INTO THEIR HOUSE. I hustled across the street to apologize and Miles was like “what? I just wanted to say hi”.

Today he went over to our next door neighbors to see if he could play at their house with their daughter…wearing only his underwear. Aside from the fact that it was only 60 degrees, this is problematic on several levels. One is that he was inviting himself over and two: WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS CHILD?

(I feel I should note that I was up in my nook at the time, so didn’t see him begin the nudie march to next door)

I guess I should just be glad he at least knocked over there and that they sent him back home with the words “XX will play with you…once you are wearing clothes.”

Sigh. The joys of parenting the highly social, totally oblivious six year old boy.


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