The Best Ideas are Stolen Ones

I enjoy a good list post, so I stole  used this template from Emily, who borrowed it from K, who borrowed it from Janet. Now that my grad student side is satisfied that I have properly cited my sources, allow me to begin thinking about things that end with -ing:
Making: Progress on my capstone project for grad school. This feels very good after over a month of total stagnation. I’ve been steadily chipping away at my lit review and am starting to see the final structure of the thing come together. I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to defend in January.
Cooking: Er, not much this week. I did make some excellent cookies this weekend though. Take one basic chocolate chip recipe and add chopped up bits of caramel and several healthy scoops of butterscotch chips= chewy and yummy.
Drinking: Sigh. I was off the Diet Coke for over a month but fell off the wagon. I’m back on my morning Diet Coke fix.
Reading: Books on college access and completion. Good times.
Wanting: Three days by myself to work on my capstone and a savings account that is a little healthier. Also for red boots.
Looking: Like a teenager, but only in the oily, breaking out kind of way. My skin is going a little insane right now. But I like to think that the new gray hair on my temples should distract from the zit, I think.
Playing: There has not been nearly enough play in my week this week. It has been a busy week with some late nights at work. I’m in the mood for a big Lego project with the kid this weekend.
Wishing: For a good outcome related to a tough situation with Miles’ school situation.
Enjoying: We have our first DVR and I am sort of obsessed with it. Shows whenever I want! Imagine. I’ve recently added “Jane the Virgin” and “Blackish” to the list of “record all episodes” shows.
Waiting: For trick-or-treating tomorrow and the prospect of stealing candy from the children. Dear beloved offspring: Your Milk Duds are mine.
Wondering: What the outcome of a current work situation that has the potential to be very, very interesting.
Loving: Cold press coffee with a shot of caramel and room for cream.
Hoping: For a good night sleep with no anxiety dreams. Last night it was a plane crash dream, which was, I guess, at least a break from the recent recurring dreams about people yelling at me.
Marveling: At how nasty political ads are.
Needing: An ottoman for my reading nook and some more pillows for the downstairs reading chair. But I am on a bit of a shopping break these days, so I shall wait until the new year.
Wearing: My standard after work uniform: yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt. The very definition of “phoning it in”, fashion wise.
Following: All the Ebola stuff, partially out of interest, partially as a job responsibility. I am not worried but putting together research for work makes me think that a college campus would be about the worst place ever for an outbreak. This is, after all, a population with a higher than average level of contact with each other’s bodily fluids.
Noticing:  That Miles is really starting to stretch out and lose all the last spots of baby chub.
Knowing: That my research topic for my capstone was well chosen. This is a very good feeling.
Feeling: A bit tired but with a high level of overall life satisfaction. This move and the new job has been good for me.
Bookmarking: This one: So funny.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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