Golden Times

“Wait, I need to get a hat for this!”

Miles jumps out of his chair and raises to his room and comes back with a Minnesota Vikings baseball cap pushed firmly over his curls. He sits back down and picks up his pencil again.

“I need to make sure everyone knows that I’m an American spy”

He turns back to his notebook where he is painstakingly writing notes under the heading “Case File”. He is a spy, you see, and is making notes on the case of the collapsing card house. He knows I was building a house of cards and that it kept getting knocked down. He has a suspect (a certain 2 year old) but he is going to have to use his telescope (a cardboard tube he pilfered from the recycling bin) and observe from the stairs tomorrow afternoon, “so, Mama, I’m going to need you to build that house one more time”.

He finishes his notes and then races back down to the basement. I can hear he and Evelyn playing, which they have been doing more of lately. The fight to play ratio seems to be, for however brief this period lasts, tipped in positive direction.

Parenting can be such a slog sometimes. I mean, I always love my kids, but sometimes they just wear me out and fray my nerves. But, oh man, sometimes you get these golden days when everything is just clicking and I feel head over heels in love with these little people.These are some good days.



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