Christmas Requirements

As of this weekend our Christmas tree is up and we have, for the first time, lights on our outside windows which is just thrilling to Miles. Last night I tucked him for bed and opened his blinds slightly so he could stare at them out the window. The reflection of the lights made rainbows on his blinds and he sighed happily at the site. He is a sucker for beauty.

Now it officially feels like the prelude to Christmas has begun and I have a list of holiday requirements that I will be needing to fulfill in the next three weeks:

Music that must be listened to:

Charlie Brown Christmas CD, which my children would happily listen and dance to every single night.

Nat King Cole: My husband’s number one choice, a classic.

My personal favorite for quiet reading by the Christmas tree, Over the Rhine Darkest Night of the Year 

Movies that must be watched:

Love Actually


Rise of the Guardians

Muppet Christmas Carol

Polar Express, which had creepy animation, yes, but delights my children so what are you going to do.

A Wish for Wings the Work

Food the must be eaten:

Send me all of your peppermint flavored things, please and thank you.

Also? I am going to need to have some Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and green chili casserole

Merry, merry everyone. What is on your list?

One thought on “Christmas Requirements

  1. Gretchen Meyer says:

    Thank you for confirming that the animation in The Polar Express is creepy. I absolutely can’t watch it and I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to! Also, I’m kind of a grinch so the main thing on my list is to just get through until January. 🙂

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