Christmas 2014

Last night, I stayed up too late. My present wrapping was done, but I was watching a movie and enjoying a snack and so it was close to midnight when I went to bed.

So. You can imagine my delight when my son woke up, ready for hot, hot stocking action at 3:50am. Way to be a stereotype, kid.

But, happy sigh, even with a way to early start, man was it a good day today. The kids were generally sweet and grateful and happy about all their gifts, large and small, and it was warm enough to take a walk outside and there was salty ham for dinner. The only thing that could have improved it was my stepsons being there, but that just isn’t how things roll with them but we got to FaceTime and chat with them both which isn’t the same but is something

plex sleepy boy

The sleeping photo is proof of the inevitable crash that comes with waking before 4am (yes, he is under his bed)

I’ve been thinking today about all of the other Christmas’ I’ve spent with Mr. Monkey and reviewing them in my mind made it very clear to me what my hope for next year’s Christmas will be:

2004: We’re engaged, living in Tucson (but not living together yet) and I am trying to figure out what being an almost step-mom looks like at Christmas time.

2005: We’re married, living in Tucson in house #1. Spend Christmas with the big boys and my family.

2006: In Tucson, in house #2, celebrating a year the saw both of us get new jobs.

2007: In Tucson, still house #2, pregnant with Miles

2008: In Tucson, packing up house #2, three days away from moving to Iowa with a baby.

2009: In Iowa, in house #3, both of us had new jobs.

2010: In Iowa, in house #4, a quietish year for us but with another job change on the horizon for me

2011: Iowa, house #5, pregnant, in new job.

2012: Iowa, house #5 still, first Christmas with Ev., Mr. Monkey is now a stay-at-home dad

2013: Iowa, house #6, beginning to think seriously about moving to our dream city

2014: Minnesota, house #7, new job in new city

Looking at this, I am A) surprised that we still get any Christmas cards at all with our constant address changes and B) not surprised to see that we had at least one major life change every year, either moving or child birthing or new jobs.

So, this is my hope for Christmas 2015: that we will be in the same city, the same house, having the same number of children and me in the same job.

That, and peace on Earth, of course.


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