Three Items, Unrelated

I worked out hard with a trainer yesterday. There were many, many burpees involved. I am sore today, but I find that I sort of smugly enjoy the soreness that comes as a result of a tough workout. It feels virtuous.

I am doing my best to work it into as many conversations as I can today, obviously.


We’ve been in our new house for just over three mortgage payments now and I continue to love it and find it adorable. My chief complaint at the moment (because there has to be at least one complaint, right?) is that our walls are still basically bare because I am afraid of hanging pictures because plaster walls are so crumbly if something goes awry.

We already have one plaster repair to make, courtesy of a certain 6 year old who decided to try to hang from the towel bar in the bathroom. Said towel bar apparently can’t support 47.2 pounds of swinging boy energy.

Mr. Monkey got it nestled back into the wall but I fear that hanging anything more than a dry hand towel on it will cause it to fall right back out.

Nothing like the start of a project list to make you really feel like a homeowner.


Last week I went online to schedule lessons for the kids for the spring. Ev will be doing her first round of swim lessons, which she will love as she is the biggest water baby ever. Miles will be doing swim lessons again and his first round of tennis, which he is quite excited about.

I was surprised at how hard it was to choose lessons this go round. I don’t want the kids to be overscheduled or Mr. Monkey to feel like he is having to constantly run kids all over town, but there were so many fun options. Evelyn could do tumbling or dance or kiddie craft time. And there is gymnastics or Lego league or karate or skiing for Miles—all things he’d like to do. I used to be kind of judgey about the whole overscheduling thing, but I can see how it happens. I think the whole fear of missing out syndrome can apply to our kids too. I don’t want them to not get to try things that they are interested in and I don’t want them to miss the chance to discover a talent or an interest but I want it is stay sane and reasonable and not have our whole life revolve around their lessons or clubs or teams.

I suspect this will be a thing I’ll have to keep wrestling with as they get older.

2 thoughts on “Three Items, Unrelated

  1. Melissa says:

    “I am sore today, but I find that I sort of smugly enjoy the soreness that comes as a result of a tough workout. It feels virtuous.” YES! I’m so glad you feel this way too. I like having PROOF of my workout, and soreness is proof 🙂

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