The Lull of March

The other day I blinked and then February was over.

February was a fairly big month for me. I presented my dissertation proposal and officially passed the first stage of grad school. I no longer have classes and am one my own in the wilderness of research and writing. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this is the part I’ve been looking forward to the whole time. I’m excited to begin.

Looking ahead, April is going to be another big month. I’ve got a ton of travel on the agenda, including a train ride to Seattle that I am totally excited about. Due to work stuff and personal stuff, I’ll probably only go into my office for about 8 days for the whole month. I’ll also get the chance to fly to my hometown and reconnect with some good friends there. It will be a busy but good month.

But March. March is feeling like a regrouping kind of month. I’m happy for a month at home but starting to feel a bit impatient because I am waiting for like 12 different things:

  • For IRB (institutional review board, the people who have to approve my research plan and make sure I’m not planning on inflicting physical or psychological pain on my participants. Dear IRB, I promise not to give anyone syphilis.) to give me the go ahead to start my research.
  • For a website in my field to let me know if I’m accepted as a blogger for an ongoing column about being a grad student. It is probably a long-shot (they’ll get a lot of applicants) but I’d love the chance to explore my nerdier side in my online writing.
  • For our tax refund to come so I can put it into savings and feel a pleasant sense of increased financial security
  • For all the snow in my yard to melt and for it to be warm enough to regularly fling the children outside for long stretches of time. The 3-5 inches of snow we are supposed to be getting tomorrow is not going to help with this.

So, how are you? Did you survive February?

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