Lions and Lambs

Oh, man. This month has been rather glorious so far.

Last week the weather changed and temperatures rather suddenly shot up into the 50s  and 60s, turning Minnesota from the land of Lutherans to a state where the official religion is sun worship. I’ve been feeling rather drunk on all the fresh air and sunshine of the last week and have been rediscovering the quiet sounds of a house where children have gone outside to play and don’t return for hours. As I type this, my kiddos are in the backyard, playing bocce ball with a neighbor and, most importantly, not bugging me at all as I type this.

The warm weather also brings out neighbors who have been hibernating all winter and so it is nice to hear the pleasant hum of adult conversations coming though the windows and to be enjoying over the fence chats as well. I’m learning all sorts of interesting facts about the neighborhood we’ve been a part of for six month, like the fact that one house used to belong to a shady mob lawyer who was in the witness protection program (allegedly) or that our neighbor’s lilac bushes grow into our yard and so our yard is prone to covert visits from other neighbors seeking to snip off a little lilac for themselves.

I’m still in limbo on my IRB application, but all of the other things I was waiting on at the beginning of March are resolved. Our tax refund has arrived and has already been sorted into the appropriate savings accounts and/or bills, my yard is free of snow, and (yay!) I did get the blogging gig I was hoping for. I’ll start later this month and I’m excited for the challenge of writing for a much more specific audience than I usually do.

Finally, and happily, as spring starts to blossom here, I finally am feeling like I have the start of a social life. We were invited to a Pi Day party yesterday and the kids have been getting invites for play dates…I feel like we’re starting to find a community here, which feels good.

Keep up the good work, March.

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