Good Things, Big and Small


This kid and I got to take a once in a lifetime trip together last week. There was sun and water and hammocks and it was basically perfect. I plan to write more about it soon but I already know that it is going to permanently have a high place on my list of best parenting experiences.

When we got home, the kiddo got busy losing some teeth. He had already lost two teeth on the bottom row, which was exciting to him but did not result in any adorable pictures for me because his adult teeth had already grown in behind them so there was never a cute gap tooth smile.

There is now:

Miles teeth

(I love this face).

Also on the list of things I am loving:


My grown up coloring book, colored with nice markers that I have no intention of sharing with my children. I’ve been coloring before bed lately and I find it soothing and relaxing. It seems to help keep the end of the day crazy away.

Tonight I shall color and then enjoy one of life’s best experiences: going to bed without an alarm clock set. I’m traveling for work and don’t have my first meeting until noon. I am going to sleep in like a boss.


One thought on “Good Things, Big and Small

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