Farewell to Grey Eye #1

A few weeks ago Miles and I took an amazing trip to Florida where we basked in the sun, went to Disney World and Universal Studios, and had fun at what is now perhaps my favorite hotel ever (I love you, Hyatt Grand Cypress). It was a great trip with one sad downside: the loss of Grey Eye the Snake.


(Grey Eye pictured here in happier days, along with his sister Snakey the Cobra)

(My kids are REAL good at naming lovies, no?)

Grey Eye was the one lovey Miles chose to not only come on the trip but to ride in the prime backpack spot for the flight to Florida. Miles, who loves to fly and was happy to share all of the knowledge he has gained about plane crashes from the show Why Planes Crash with all of the passengers around us (whether they wanted to hear it or not), thought Grey Eye would enjoy the flight.

miles plane

What ended up happening, of course, is that Grey Eye came out of the backpack to enjoy the flight (and to allow me to make a truly terrible snakes on the plane joke) and ended up getting left behind on the plane. Miles was heartbroken when he realized at bedtime that Grey Eye was gone and I felt horribly guilty that I didn’t double-check for him before we got off the plane.

I filed a lost item report with the airline but it has been weeks now with no word and I find that I’m increasingly annoyed about the fact that, baring the unlikely return of Grey Eye, all of the other outcomes are completely unsatisfying to me:

1. The airline doesn’t actually look for the missing item, even though I sent the exact flight number and seat numbers where Grey Eye was left. Perhaps the lost item form is just an exercise they have you do to help move you through the grieving process.

2. A flight attendant found Grey Eye, a homemade stuffed snake found in a seat occupied by a small child, looked at it and chucked it in the trash.

3. Someone else found Grey Eye and decided to keep it, despite it being something clearly in the “lovey” category.

See? None of those are options that make me feel confident in the innate goodness of my fellow man. All of those options involve people being terrible in a small way, which is discouraging to think about too much.

What does comfort me is that Miles currently is going to bed at night with a lovely snake whose name happens to be Grey Eye #2.

miles snake

Grey Eye #2 arrived in the mail via a kind-hearted soul I’m friends with on Facebook who has some awesome crochet skills and a desire to make a six-year-old happy. Maybe people aren’t actually terrible.

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