After almost two months in limbo, there is a 90% chance I will finally get approval from my school’s research board to start my dissertation research. This is both very exciting (yay, I can finally start) and a little sad (boo, now I have no good reason to keep on reading books for fun instead of working on the diss). I am a little afraid to type this as I fear jinxing myself, but given that I promised not to give my research subjects syphilis or make them pretend to be prison guards I will certainly get through IRB eventually.

I originally wanted to be done with school by August and now there is really no chance that will happen, so the new goal is December 2015 graduation (if I walk). It is really starting to feel like there is an end in sight. I really will be Dr. Monkey someday.

I can’t wait to start giving people unfounded medical advice after assuring them that “Well, I *am* a doctor…”

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