Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Hey, Molly C, your boobs may be sad, but your wallet will be happy! You won the gift card so check your email for a message from me! Thanks again to everyone who left a comment on the plastic surgery post. It was nice to hear so much conversation about where people are with their bodies, especially after having kids.


I’ve been thinking about my boobs and the rest of my body a lot lately. I’m actually feeling fairly at peace with myself these days and have been actually starting to enjoy getting back into swimming as I start to train again for the Point to LaPointe race in August. It has been a long time since I’ve had a regular swim routine so my expectations are low but I’m still looking forward to cold, clear waters of Lake Superior.

And, though I know this isn’t a new complaint, exercising more regularly reminds me again of how frankly shitty the options are in the world of plus size exercise clothing. I really need a second swim suit but the thought of having to find one is so demoralizing. The last time I went to a VERY large sporting goods store, there was one suit in my size.

Not one style.

One single suit.

I bought it, despite not really liking it, because what’s the alternative? Even the online options aren’t better. I’ve probably owned 50 Speedo suits in my life time, in all manner of color and pattern. Now if I look online, these are my choices:

41jMiMg+AML._SX342_ uniquelymeboutique_2271_65521957

Literally. Would I like the boring black or the boring blue? Hmm, decisions.

I guess I’ll go with the blue to match my men’s XL workout shirt, since Target doesn’t sell women’s exercise tops that fit my chest.

At this point I know what is out there and I don’t even expect to be able to find stuff for me at the store that I fling most of my money at (yes, Target, I’m talking to you) but c’mon, Speedo, can’t I at least have a pattern?

4 thoughts on “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

  1. Swistle says:

    SERIOUSLY. Sometimes a company will have a t-shirt I like, and in regular sizes it’ll come in 18 colors; plus-size will come in black or white.

    Lands’ End has some good plus-size suits, though I’m not sure they’d be right for exercise-wear.

    • Wendy says:

      I actually find it a lot easier to find “playing at the pool with the kids” suits (Lands’ End does seem to have good ones) than “No, seriously, I want to flip turn without my boob falling out” suits. Sigh.

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