How Does My Garden Grow?

A few weeks ago Miles brought home a little pepper plant in a paper cup from school. He was so proud of this plant with it’s two tiny leaves and determined to keep it alive so we repotted it into a terracotta pot. The prospect of maybe having an actual pepper to eat at the end of the summer seemed exciting, so I decided that it was time to start my first garden.

Now, it is important to note before I continue, that we live in a house with exactly zero houseplants. I have, in my life, grown exactly zero plants and kept exactly one plant alive (a tiny rose bush that is hopefully still growing at our old house in Iowa). So, the idea of “a garden” was sort of an abstract thing about which I had very little practical knowledge.

After a very brief time on Google and a trip to Target, I came home with three plastic pots, two bags of potting soil, six packages of seeds (onions, carrots, basil, chives, lettuce and cantaloupe), and two VERY excited children who promised that they would happily eat anything we were able to grow. We planted the seeds in the big plastic pots and put them out on the enclosed porch as May in Minnesota meant we were not quite out of the frost danger zone.

For a week the kids carefully inspected the pots every single day, looking for the first sign of sprouts. And soon their inspections paid off because, behold!, sprouts soon emerged from each pot and it was time to move them outside.

Then things get a little blurry as I went a bit gardening insane and decided we needed MORE MORE MORE in the way of a garden. So now the woman who has never grown a plant has this in the backyard:


The only thing missing from this picture is my newly purchased rabbit proof fence, purchased because I’ll be damned if I lose my newly planted squash, tomatoes, and flowers.

After we finished the garden Miles cheerfully exclaimed, “Just think of how much money we are going to save on vegetables!”, which is ironic because my annual vegetable budget for him is roughly $5 and because when I start adding up the cost of the garden I very quickly realize that I’m going to need to get a lot of carrots to make this a break even proposition.

So, here I am. My seeds are sown, the neighborhood rabbits are now the enemy, and I think we might be a few weeks away from our first tomato.

At this point, I am officially on edge until we get our first vegetable. I just need one. One vegetable. One $647 vegetable, that John Deere as my witness, my children had better eat.


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