Like a Real Adult

Summer arrived to Minnesota yesterday. After a long and mild spring, it was suddenly and actually hot yesterday. It felt uncomfortably stuffy in my office for most of the day, which prompted me to dress on the rather casual end of the allowable dress code spectrum for today. While we don’t have a written dress code as such, there are certainly social norms within the office and my outfit today (cropped pants, sleeveless blouse, sandals) falls squarely in the “only okay if you don’t have any meetings and won’t actually see anyone” category. The outfit, plus the total lack of make-up on my face, made me glad that today was a day that I’d only be interacting with my computer.

So, of course, at 1:48pm my boss told me that I needed to fill in for her at a higher level meeting. A meeting that started at 2:00pm.

A younger, less well-prepared version of me might have panicked a bit, but- and here is the good part- no need! I went straight from her office to my desk where I powdered my face, put on a cheery red lip gloss and a coat of mascara from my desk make-up bag, and slipped on the black flats and dark denim blazer I keep in my office for just such an event.

As I took the elevator up to the top floor of my work, I considered my reflection in the mirrored walls and decided that I looked like a competent professional.

There is something so satisfying about finding yourself prepared for an unexpected situation, isn’t there? Like when a kid falls at the park and I’m the mom who has the Band-Aids in her purse or when the children start whining from hunger and I have the appropriate amount of whine killing fruit snacks in my bag.

(I am very often the mom needing the diaper at toddler swim lessons because I forgot one or who shows up at a picnic with no napkins, plates or silverware, so I take my victories where I can find them.)

This afternoon was also a nice contrast to yesterday when, at roughly the same time, I was sitting in my office feeling weird and shaky and like I was going to be sick or have a panic attack. What is wrong with me, I wondered? Then I took a sip of my third large iced coffee and realized it was after 2pm and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet.

Panic attack? No.

Failure to feed and hydrate myself like a responsible adult? Yes.

Well. I’m not always the brightest but least I have a back-up blazer in my office to disguise that fact.

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