Damn it.

I was sitting at work on Monday when I got a message from Mr. Monkey asking if I had used the garden hose the day before:

“Yep! Used it to wash the camping mud off the kids’ shoes!”

“I just turned it off”

“Oh crap.”

“The carpet in the basement is wet.”

“Oh shit”

“Really wet”


Today is Thursday, which means that it is now three days and several thousand dollars later and the basement is almost done being dried out. We still have to replace a carpet pad, reinstall baseboards, move furniture back into place and double check to make sure the walls are completely dry.

If you are about to ask the next logical question, allow me to save you time: No, insurance isn’t covering any of it.


This is one of my more expensive screw-ups of late and I’ve found myself struggling with a pervasive feeling of “but, wait, this isn’t FAIR….” (please read in the whiniest possible tone). We are fortunate enough that we have money in savings to cover this mess, and I get this is why we have savings in the first place, but I don’t wanna have to spend money fixing something that happened because I got distracted and left a hose on for 24 hours (which is apparently about 23.5 hours longer than is ideal). I didn’t mean to do it! I just want it to get fixed all by itself. For free.

I’m not someone who believes that everything happens for a reason or that there is a master plan that our lives our following. I think we live in a universe where sometimes things just happen but that we have a human need to try to make sense of our lives by creating stories and so finding meaning in crappy events is soothing. Things don’t suck as bad if they are a part of some narrative that ultimately leads to a happy ending where everything suddenly makes sense.

I kind of wish I believed that, but I don’t. So, damn it, I flooded the basement and it just sucks.

One thought on “Damn it.

  1. Swistle says:

    YES. That kind of thing is the WORST. If there had been heavy rains or a broken pipe and the basement had flooded, that would suck in a completely different way, even if the upshot/expense had ended up being exactly the same. I HATE stuff where a tiny understandable mistake leads to a huge issue. It seems like it should be proportionate: tiny understandable mistakes should lead to tiny easy-to-deal-with consequences; the big crazy mistakes should be the ones that lead to big crazy consequences.

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