I feel a heaviness in my soul this week. Another mass shooting, another example that reminds me that for all of the good and well-intentioned people I know, we are, as a country, still profoundly fucked up (there really is no other phrase I could use there) about race and guns.

I often don’t feel like I am eloquent or serious enough to talk about these kind of things on this blog, but here is the truth: I am sad to my core about what happened in South Carolina this week and I despair that there is something fundamentally broken about our country.

I think about Susie Jackson, who was 87 years old. Ms. Jackson lived through the integration of schools, the legalization of interracial marriage, the end of Jim Crow laws, the Civil Rights movement and even the election of the first Black president—and then she gets murdered by a racist at church. I frankly don’t know how any Black person can feel like they are ever safe. I don’t know what to do with the fact that my own children, who are biracial, will grow up in a culture that still breeds violent racists and worships at the alter of gun ownership.

So, I don’t know what to say today, but I’ll post these links to people who said wiser things than I have:


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