Small Things/ 37 Things Update

I have recently made a series of small decisions that have made my life just a little bit happier:

– I am taking the elevator to the YMCA. I can walk to a YMCA from my work, something that takes about 5 minutes or so, which is fine. A nice walking warm up for my swim. But to check in at the Y, you have to take to go to the third floor. I had been taking the stairs in the name of virtue but then I’d be out of breath at the check in desk (I am not in good stairs shape) and I hate that. So I’ve given myself permission to take the elevator and I am 5% less reluctant to go to the gym.

– I’ve decided that I am not obligated to think about or work on my dissertation after 8PM. In fact, I shouldn’t work on it then as I am usually tired and probably not likely to be thinking innovative thoughts. The thing was that I wasn’t actually doing anything on it anyways, but now I feel free to continue doing it with no guilt. Very satisfying.

– I am not going to hold myself personally responsible for the fate of my garden. I’m going to do the best I can to take care of it but I cannot control the weather or the fact that there appears to be bugs eating one of the plants that I can’t remember what it is (basil?). I’m comforted by the fact that we will have enough lettuce for a taco salad dinner tomorrow night. This means that, no matter what else happens, we have eaten from our garden, even if it ends up being a $300 taco salad.


An update purely for my own benefit:

1. Improve our family’s net worth by $3700. This should be totally doable thanks to an extra check I’m expecting to arrive soon but making some mortgage payments.

I was very nearly done with this… and then I flooded the basement. Sigh.

2. Read three books and seven magazines.

One book down, three magazines

3. Do 37 minutes of yard clean up (blargh. I have the opposite of a green thumb but I can at least pull some weeds).

4. Swim 37 miles

I have completed 22% of this goal so far. Currently feeling very optimistic on this one!

5. Ride 370 miles on my bike

4% completed. Time to step it up.

6. Walk/run 370 miles

7. Send three friends actual paper letters

8. Have 37 days without Diet Coke, my second biggest vice.

9. Add 37 rough draft pages to my dissertation

10. Blog 37 times (this totally counts as #1. Progress!)

Almost half way done!

11. Write 37 pages of fiction (on the story that I can’t shake)

I’m 3500 words in so far and going to a writing group tonight to hopefully get me to 5000.

12. In bed before 11:37 every night between now and my birthday. I tend to stay up too late for no real good reason. More sleep is always a good idea.

I have been doing this very consistently. Good job, self.

13. Take the kids swimming at least 3 times.

1 down and it was very fun. This one will be an easy one to accomplish.

14. Play tennis with Miles at least 3 times.

15. Eat breakfast at home 37. I have a bad skipping breakfast habit.

16. Bring lunch to work 37 times. I also have a bad buying lunch habit.

17. Purge 37 pieces of clothing from my overstuffed closet/drawers. I’m not willing to commit to a capsule wardrobe yet but I have clothes ranging in sizes from 14-24 and have some things that I am sure I haven’t worn in at least a year.

18. Purge 3 pairs of shoes. This one will be harder than the clothing thing, I predict.

19. Go to the gym 37 times. We get a discount if we go 12 times in a month and I’ve never made it. C’mon self.

25% complete on this one.

20. Try 7 new dinner recipes. I’ve been in a bit of a cooking rut and I’d like to find a few new staple recipes.

Tried Creamy Beans tonight and they were so yummy. I have fart concerns but so far the butt trumpet has been silent. I topped mine with a large dollop of gauc and some cheese and then ate with chips. Happy tummy.

21. Have 3 dates with Mr. Monkey. Even if they are just quick ones, I need to see more of his face without kids in between us.

1 down.

22. Take 3 days off of work to work on the dissertation.

23. Submit at least 3 columns for my new gig at Inside Higher

24. Spend 37 hours relaxing in my new hammock. Damn I love my hammock.

25. Make $37 on eBay or through my neighborhood garage sale site by selling stuff we don’t need/use. Use $37 to start savings accounts for the kids.

$17 so far

26. Make a “summer fun” to-do list to better explore our new city.

27. Take Miles to a professional ballgame.

28. Plan one-on-one time with Ev for at least 3 times.

29. Coordinate a gift exchange with some of my neighborhood friends.

30. Go hiking

31. Help Miles learn to ride without training wheels

32. Learn to sew a simple dress for Evelyn.

33. Get over my fear of plaster walls and get three pictures hung in the house.

34. Sign up for a triathlon

September 5th baby!

35. Complete the Point to LaPointe race.

36. Dye my hair a different color, just to see.

I dyed it a reddish brown. It is fine but I’m not in love.

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