The Race

I’m less than 10 days out from my first race since I got pregnant with Ev. Ev is now three and that means my racing muscles are a little on the rusty side.

(Does anyone remember when this was a blog all about how I was going to race all the time? Yeah, me neither).

I’m doing the Point to LaPointe again. And, once again, I’m pretty sure I could have trained more/better/harder. This race is a 2.1 open water swim in Lake Superior with a two hour time limit. The first time I did the race it took me just about an hour and 45 minutes. The second time it took an hour and 24 minutes and was, from start to finish, one of the most fun races I’ve done. I felt good and strong and fast.

Then a week later I found out I was- surprise!- pregnant with Evelyn and proceed to spend the next five months barfing and sweating.

Wondering where that ferry boat is.

First known picture of Miles and Ev. Ev was about the size of a pencil eraser and was still a resident of Hotel de Womb

It has been a long time coming for me to feel good and strong and fast again in the water. I’ve had some good practice swims lately and I feel confident in my ability to finish in less than two hours, unless the weather is seriously bad and the waves are a lot higher than average.

Time wise, I think I might be able to finish in about an hour and a half, which would put me firmly in the back to middle of the pack. I am as competitive as it gets but  I would still be 100% happy with that. I am aware of the fact that I’ll be competing against some very fast, very serious swimmer types. I mostly just don’t want to come in last.

I am excited for Miles to see me race again and for Evelyn to see me race for the first time. I’m also feeling proud of myself for putting myself out there again. It can feel slightly revolutionary to be fat and in a race, especially when swim suits are involved. I realize that on a day-to-day basis, I don’t look like many people’s vision of an athlete but I am. I’ve practiced and trained and put in lap after lap in the YMCA pool. I won’t win but I’ll finish, knowing that I’m quicker than I was a few months ago when I started training.

And hopefully I’ll feel good and fast and strong.


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