Evelyn is kneeling with me in the sand. Our hands move under the perfectly clear water, feeling for rocks that are especially smooth. Her small hands unearth an orange rock that is flat and thick as a nickle. She instantly decides to add it to her collection.

Out deeper in the lake Miles is pushing a 5 foot piece of driftwood through the water. The water is barely above 60 degrees and his lips are tinged with blue. In a few minutes I’ll call him to shore and tell him to come warm up. He’ll swear he isn’t cold.

This is why, even though it can be so much work to travel with young kids, I’m still always game, even when it means messing with sleep schedules or dealing with backseat bickering (which, SERIOUSLY, knock it off children). Because, really, sometimes we just need cold water and sand between our toes.

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