Dear Lover

My Love,

I hope that you know that I can’t live without you. I know that sometimes I take you for granted, that I don’t often stop to thank you for all you do, that sometimes I even seem to ignore you.

But I see you. I feel you. I need you.

It is true that sometimes I wish for more. Sometimes I want what other people have instead. I want you to blow my hair back. I want goosebumps again. But at the end of another hot day, as I climb into bed in the stuff attic bedroom wear only a tank top and a pair of knickers, I know you are there and I am so grateful.

Oh my window unit air conditioner…I promise to be true to you until the end (of summer) and to never lose you (until we can afford a central air system).

Keep on blowing that 67 degree air on me, baby.

Staying cool,

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