Let’s Talk Fashion

As an avid magazine reader, I am aware that September is the big month for fashion. There is New York Fashion Week and launching of the fall/winter lines for all the big fashion labels. As an avid wearer of things from Target, this is how I imagine the design process goes for these looks, all of which were labelled as a “best look of the fall” by at least one major fashion magazine.


Designer #1: I want an outfit that looks like sadness feels

Designer #2: DONE!



Designer #1: I want to make a shirt
Designer #2: Ooh, how about a short sleeve sweater shirt.
Designer #1: Great idea, would poop brown be a good color?
Designer #2: Of course! But only if you make it look like the person wearing it has really small, sad boobs
Designer #1: Sad, small and SAGGING boobs?
Designer #2: Brilliant!
Designer #1: And I’ll charge $600 for it!
Designer #2: Of course you will! Fashion!
Designer #1: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the model looks appropriately thrilled about the whole thing.



Designer #1: Hey, did you see the Minion movie this summer?

Designer #2: Yeah, my kids loved it! Why do you ask?

Designer #1: No reason



Designer #1: You know what looks awesome?

Designer #2: Old man pajamas?

Designer #1: Oh my God, totally!

Designer #2: But what if we could make them sluttier? And then act like it would be totally a normal thing to do to wear them in public?

Designer #1: DONE



Designer #1: You know what the problem is with most saris?

Designer #2: Not enough side-boob?

Designer #1: You just, you just really GET me.

Designer #2: I know what you mean. I assume you also think mullets are awesome then too, right?

Designer #1: Obviously



Designer #1: Most women wish they were bigger around the middle, right?

Designer #2: Certainly. Big demand for the reverse hourglass shape.



Designer #1: Hey. have you seen that scrap of white fabric I had laying around? The one that looks like an unfinished table cloth?

Designer #2: You mean that awesome skirt I found?

Designer #1: Um, sure.



Designer #1: Pss, wanna play a game?

Designer #2: I love games!

Designer #1: I call it “Does she have legs?”

Designer #2: Fun!

Designer #1: I was totally inspired by the couch in my grandma’s basement.



7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Fashion

  1. Virginia G says:

    These are horrible! I just don’t understand fashion. It seems that the less flattering an outfit is, the more fashionable it must be. Why?

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