Some Things I Have Been Glad to Spend Money On

Disclaimer: There is no disclaimer. I have no sponsors. I spend my very own dollars on all of this and make zero more dollars if you click any links.

One of the annoying things about life is the amount of money you must spend on things that don’t actually make you happy but are necessary. Things like dental work (hello, crown replacement, you spendy bastard), stucco patch for your elderly house, fruit fly traps, and all other manner of responsible purchases fall in this category. This month has been filled with a larger than usual number of boring purchases, which means that the following finds have been extra special treats:

These shoes!


Hush Puppies brand, found here (on sale!) and here (non-loafer version). I have picky feet so I need support and these feel like comfy clouds hugging my foot. So comfy and the bright color is cheering. I would like a pair in red next, I think.

This face wash!


I have VERY oily skin and almost always shiny. This has made an actual, noticeable difference in how shiny my skin is all day. And so cheap!

These shirts on Amazon


I don’t even remember how I stumbled on them, because the brand (Thanth) isn’t one that I’m familiar with, but I’m glad I took the chance on them. These are tunic style which means long (yay!) and something that gives me rump coverage if I want to wear leggings…and I ALWAYS want to wear leggings. The shirts are soft and so far wash well. One word of warning: the size chart on Amazon is not at all accurate. According to the chart, I should be a size 5X and I very comfortably fit in a 3X instead (I’m usually a size 22 with a big chest, for reference).

This music:



I am OBSESSED. If you’ve ever thought “Hmm, I wonder if I’d like to learn about American history via hip-hop?” this soundtrack will answer that question for you.

My answer is YES.


9 thoughts on “Some Things I Have Been Glad to Spend Money On

    • Wendy says:

      RIGHT? I mentioned it at work and nobody had heard of it. How sad for them. Which song do you love the most? I’m a “Wait for It” and “Burn” fan.

      • erinjaffe says:

        Aaaahhhh this is like trying to pick a favorite child. I love all of the Thomas Jefferson stuff, and I have a soft spot for “One Last Time.” And the King George songs are so fun. “Room Where it Happens” is great, and I like the war songs too. DANGIT I CANNOT CHOOSE

  1. Virginia G says:

    I’ve never heard of Hamilton, and I love musicals! Of course, it may be because I’ve been living in South Korea for 2.5 years, and the only Americans they talk about are Obama and General MacArthur (from the Korean war). I’ll have to look into it!

    In the field of good purchases, on Saturday I caught the tale end of a garage sale where I got TWO genuine leather blazers (with a t-shirt and a candle) for $1. Yes. $0.25 each for leather blazers, which would be worth it just for the materials, even if they were size XXS. But they were my size. Crazy.

      • Virginia G says:

        We’re also in Seoul! It’s changed a lot in the 2.5 years we’ve lived here, but I hear there have been HUGE changes in the last 10. We live near Ichon Station near the National Museum (which wasn’t even there 10 years ago – it was a golf course!).

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