7 Things All Impossibly Chic Parents Have at Home (For Marta)

When it comes to creating a home that is both chic and stylish, nobody does it better than the parents, especially those with young children. Having children really helps one refine their sense of design and really explore the space of your home. You may not have kids, but if you incorporate these 7 ideas, you too can have the kind of elegant and sophisticated space that really says “Most of my disposable income comes to Legos”:

  1. A carpet with a sense of mystery.

1Are those pee stains? Grape juice? Hot dog juice? The only one who knows it whatever child dropped spilled on it and then failed to clean it up. Some people might rent a steamer to try to take the stains up but, really chic parents know that a carpet should have character.

2. A prophylactic coffee table

1Step 1: buy a coffee table

Step 2: Make it ugly in order to prevent your offspring from making permanent dents in their foreheads.

3. Organic textured walls.

Organic because boogers are a natural substance. Textured because someone wiped them all over the damn walls. Let’s skip the photo for this one, okay?

4. Bathrooms the demonstrate a commitment to being environmentally friendly.

That’s why there always pee in the toilet, right? My child is just trying to save water and the environment by never freaking flushing the damn thing.

5. Irregularly textured hard surface floors

1To the untrained eye, it might seem like those are crumbs. But the sophisticated designer recognizes those as movable floor texture objet d’art. This design feature may be difficult to maintain if you have a dog or a spouse who insists on sweeping.

6. Acupressure features throughout.

002Whether they get left on the floor or perhaps sprinkled on the couch, stray Legos are the perfect way for the unsuspecting parent to get a little acupressure massage on the tender underside of the foot.

7. Priceless art

007We only feature the most promising young artists working in a paper and crayon medium.

(This post was inspired by my buddy Marta, who finds articles like this to more depressing than inspirational.)


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