The Quiet Day

The snowing is softly falling outside and my kitchen smells like fresh chocolate chip cookies. My house is silent expect for the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard.

It is Thanksgiving and I’m all alone.

Now, I realize that the above sentence sounds dreadfully sad, but I’m actually having a really nice day. Mr. Monkey took the kids to see his family in Kansas and I’ve said back because I had to work yesterday and I am trying to make progress on my dissertation.


I miss the kids and the mister and I would normally love to see his family, as they are delightful, but I am also really grateful for the gift of quiet and time.

(I’m also grateful for the fact that a friend is coming over later to bring me a plate and that multiple friends offered to open their homes to me today. I am thankful always for the fact that I feel like I am home here and have a community of people who want to be my friend.)

So now I shall turn on my study music and return back to my research. I wish you all pie and love and just the right amount of family/friend chaos for the day.



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