Under the Tree

I’m listening to Christmas music in my office now and checking the weather forecast with a hopeful heart, yearning for some snow. I don’t mind our recent 40 degree temperatures but I’d love for some white stuff for the Christmas break. I am having some very specific fantasies involving falling snow, my children playing outside in said falling snow, and me under the covers on our enclosed porch, reading a book.

Doesn’t that sound like heaven? A very small, achievable heaven?

We still need to put our tree up and wrap presents but I am essentially all done with holiday shopping. I’m waiting for a few things to arrive via mail, including from Zulily, which is always a nerve-wracking prospect even when they promise delivery in time for the holidays. One of those presents is a two pack of owl puke for my son’s stocking. It may be the weirdest thing I’ve ever put in a stocking but I think he is going to LOVE dissecting it.

In just under two weeks, my oldest step-son will fly in from California to spend Christmas with us. We’ve never had his company on Christmas morning before and I am so very excited about it. The little kids don’t know their big brother is coming, so that is another fun surprise to look forward to. He is 24 now and is so NOT a kid anymore but it is all I can do to not try to find him jammies to match M. and E.


I suspect he wouldn’t go for it though.

Yes, I think I am officially feeling holiday cozy. How about you?


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