Millennials and Money

I’ve been working on a piece of freelance writing this week about millennials and money, specifically about the fact that, based on some survey data, many millennials are still regularly getting money from their parents, even well into their 30s and even after they are married.


It was interesting working on this piece and trying to keep myself from being, well, overtly judgey about that. Perhaps it is because I am just shy of being a millennial myself (missed it by two years) or perhaps it is because my own family’s financial dynamics were such that I never had any illusions that I’d be getting financial support once I hit adulthood, but it is so odd for me to think about being like 33 and married and still having my parents pay my car insurance or cell phone bills. I think I’ve always felt like my financial independence was a source of pride and that even when I made money mistakes (which, hoo boy, I did) I fixed them on my own, no bailouts.

But then I talked to one of co-workers, who has two kids in college, and she mentioned that among her friends, the expectation is that you send your kids away to college and then expect them to move back in with you after graduation and that financial adulthood doesn’t start until 26.

(26 being the last year you can carry them on parental health insurance)

I was then reminded that one of our other coworkers currently has all three of his adult children living at home and the oldest on is mid-30s in age and another co-worker’s 27 year old daughter just moved out of the house…into the townhouse her parents bought for her.

Perhaps it is the lingering remnants of early years as a Republican or perhaps it is proof that I can’t escape my genetic disposition toward a rather militant form of Protestant work-ethic, but I can’t help but feel that if my beloved children are still living with me in thirty years that I have done something wrong as a parent*.

I mean, really. I love you kids, but let’s not go crazy with it, okay?

*caveat: Sometimes shit happens, so like in the event of an illness or job loss or something like that, that is a different story.

**You know who I really judge about this? Kim Kardashian. Why on earth she still lives with her mother is beyond me. WOMAN- you have more money than God, go rent a house.

***Yes. I watch KUWTK. Judge away.

One thought on “Millennials and Money

  1. Melissa A says:

    Agreed, my brain just can’t really fathom any of it. Why would I want money from my parents still (I’m not a millennial I think…39…but still)…and why would they give it to me…it’s hard for me to comprehend it. Might be my republican-ness and also just parentally engraved work ethic…but still. Do the millennials really WANT to be supported by their parents after college?

    And this made me snort, I don’t watch, but YES get your own place woman.
    **You know who I really judge about this? Kim Kardashian. Why on earth she still lives with her mother is beyond me. WOMAN- you have more money than God, go rent a house.

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