(Kidney) Stoned

Well. My life has been a bit of a hot mess the last two weeks. How are you?

It all started when I felt some pain in my lower back two Sundays ago. I was on my way to my writing group and felt a twinging kind of pain that reminded me of the start of cramps or even childbirth. Given that I am SO not pregnant and that I basically never have a period, I puzzled over this for a moment and then the twinge stopped and I went about my business.

The next night my back was hurting again and a trip to the bathroom revealed there was most definitely blood in my urine. And then I knew- I’d be hearing the words “kidney stone” sooner rather than later. I’ve been down this path a few times before, though the last few times were relatively easy stones to pass.

I went to the Urgent Care that night, got the diagnosis and the good pain meds along with a referral to the urologist. At this point I emailed my boss to say that I might not be in the next day, but probably by Wednesday.

Haaaa. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh, self of last week, how wrong you turned out to be.

Since then I’ve had x-rays, a CT scan, a surgery, a 25 centimeter stent put in between my kidney and bladder, three very large stones removed, and a bonus night in the hospital because they couldn’t get my pain under control at the hospital. I right this now from my son’s twin bed as I’ve kicked him out of his room so I can be in the room closest to the bathroom and not have to climb any stairs. I barfed twice today and going to the bathroom makes me either swear or cry, depending on the time of day.

If I may throw myself a little pity party, let me just say that this sucks ass. I don’t feel great but I am also growing increasingly stressed out about the fact that I’m missing deadlines left and right and have blown through all of my paid sick leave. I’m not great at being idle and I can’t help but do the math on what all of this illness will cost us, even with insurance.

Once I get better I also have to follow up on the fact that my credit card numbers got stolen somehow and used to buy someone a pizza, a phone, and a very expensive watch. On the plus side, it has been brutally cold the last few days and I’ve been living under a blanket and watching the West Wing instead of braving the elements, so I’ve got that going for me at least.



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