Things to Do While You Are Sick

I’m now at almost two full weeks of being primarily bed bound, which is far longer than I expected to be when I felt my first twinges of back pain. I’ll admit that there have been times in my life where the thought of spending two weeks in bed without even checking my work email once would have sounded deeply appealing. But the truth is that between being either in pain or totally doped up, it hasn’t actually been all that fun.

(News flash: Kidney stones- Not fun! Report at 11)

Now that I am starting to feel better, I’m actually looking forward to spending the majority of my days being vertical and trying to play catch up on the many, many things I have fallen behind on in my time of infirmity. I’ve missed some freelance deadlines, something I NEVER do, I have a stack of bills to pay, and I can only imagine the horrors that await me when I finally do check my work email. My time is going to be spent quite differently than it has been the last two weeks as this is how I’ve been spending my time lately:

  • Taking pain medicine and online shopping. Since I don’t remember doing the shopping, the packages that arrive are a fun surprise! I suspect my husband probably doesn’t feel the same way about this one.
  • Watching The West Wing. Watching ALL of the West Wing. I’m in the middle of the final season right now and let me tell you, does watching this show make it very, very clear that the current field of Presidential hopefuls is utterly lacking in hunky Jimmy Smits type candidates.
  • Taking pain medicine and making nonsensical comments on Facebook. Like so:Capture
  • Eating lasagna and baked ziti and chili and cookies because I have kind and good Midwestern friends who respond to illness or childbirth or any sort of need with carbohydrates. I love them.
  • Sleeping in my son’s twin bed (so I don’t have to navigate the steep stairs when I am dizzy from the pain meds) and growing increasingly comfortable with falling asleep while spooning his giant stuffed sloth. My daughter has named him English Muffin and I assume we will be announcing our engagement sometime in the spring.

Tomorrow I go in for another procedure, that will hopefully make the pain from the surgery go away. I have high hopes for a speedy recovery, though I have 7 more episodes of The West Wing to go. So, maybe one more day of bed rest wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…


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