All the Small Things

A few bits and pieces:

  • I defend my dissertation in six days. SIX days. The process will begin with a 30 minute presentation on my research. I haven’t exactly started working on that part yet. I’m not worried though, as I think that will be the easy part.
  • My poor girl had her second double ear infection in less than a month this weekend. She was so pitiful, burning up with fever, crying and clingy. She actually slept on me for part of the day (which was a small bright side) and it felt like snuggling a heating pad. She seems to be perking back up today which reminds me once again about the magic of antibiotics. Yay science!
  • A number of online friends have been obsessed with LuLaRoe leggings, going on and on about how soft and comfortable they are. I am a big fan of leggings but scoffed at the thought that these could be *that* good. And then I got a pair and they are made of magic and unicorn tears or something. They are so soft I was making people at work feel them and the children kept coming up and rubbing their faces against my legs, like little kittens. My main problem with the leggings is now I don’t understand why all of my clothing isn’t made of that material. Soooooooft.
  • My son recently shared with me that he plans to be married by the age of 20 and he and his wife will have jobs so I won’t have to work anymore. They’ll also live with me. And they’re going to have a bunk bed and there will be enough room for Ev and her presumed future husband to live with us too. Miles figures he’ll need to earn about $24,000 a year to support all of us. I’m looking forward to life on the compound, even if we are going to have to clip a lot of coupons to live on that salary.
  • I have, sadly, discovered that I do know some actual real life people who are supporting Trump. I am trying to remember that people are complex and have different values but I can’t help but deduct 20 IQ points and add in presumed racism to my perceptions of people who are pro-Trump. I just can’t.
  • My daughter snuggled up to me at bedtime tonight and made me promise to keep her forever. And then she said “I love you forever. Do you like my nice words? Don’t I use nice words?” Oh man. This girl is the very best.

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