Unrelated Thoughts

I was on Facebook this morning and found myself sighing with annoyance after logging out because of YET ANOTHER post with a fretful message about how American is being ruined and that we are, collectively as a country, going down the shitter because of one political thing or another. These kinds of messages are like little pin pricks to my brain and the overall effect of seeing more and more of them is growing increasingly painful.

I don’t, as a general rule, engage in talking about politics on FB. It seems to never go well and it just riles me up in a very unsatisfying way. But I can’t help but wonder if the people who post these things have any sense of American history. Like, at all. Because if you do, how can you argue that the country once had some glory time in the past without also having to acknowledge that said glory time was probably only actually glorious for straight, white, not-poor, men?

As dismaying as I find the current electoral climate  (and, yes, I am dismayed) I can’t think of a time in the American past that wasn’t deeply problematic for SOMEONE. Perhaps it helps that I don’t think America is a special snowflake/best country ever/God’s chosen people so I’m comfortable acknowledging that we have a messy, complicated, racist and sexist history.  I’m probably never going to be able to run for elected office on the platform of “we’ve always kind of sucked– let’s try to suck less!”


After a lifetime of believing that I don’t like the combination of fruit flavors and chocolate, I’ve discovered that I do, in fact, enjoy the presence of dried cherries in chocolate. I’m clearly growing as a person.


I start a new job in less than a month. Accepting new job has meant coming to terms with the fact that I will have to dress up each and every day. I’ve been shopping for new work clothes that are professional, flattering, and comfortable. As I am a plus-size person, this is far more difficult than it should be. So far I have resisted the siren song of being more leggings. I feel like the reward for that should be a new pair of leggings.



2 thoughts on “Unrelated Thoughts

  1. Swistle says:

    1. I would vote SO HARD for a candidate who said “We’ve always kind of sucked– let’s try to suck less!”

    2. I lovvvvvve chocolate-covered dried cherries.

    3. Plus-size work clothes make me want to screeeeeeeeeeeeeam.

  2. Laura W. says:

    Last fall I didn’t like anything in my closet and also didn’t want to buy new clothes because I was up a few pounds. I tried out Gwynnie Bee, the clothing rental site, and ended up loving it. My trick is to do dresses since pants (huge hips, butt, and belly) and shirts (long torso) are hard without trying them on.

    I get to try out things I wouldn’t normally wear and I get to wear clothing that costs much more than I would ever pay when buying something.

    You can try 30 days free to see if you like it. It’s available to everyone but if you use this link [http://goo.gl/gPjHOr], I get $25 off my next month.

    I hope this comment doesn’t come off as promotional. I’m just a lady across the river who likes reading about your life.

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