Short Timer

I start a new job in 12 days.

I still need to clean out my desk at my current job and to start reading through the large pile of prep materials provided to me by my new boss.

My current office is a mess as I try my best to sort through what things I need to save for the person who comes after me and what needs to be shredded/recycled/ trashed. I also need to figure out how to get boxes of books to my car, which is in a parking garage across the street.

I have five working days left in this job and I am spending all of this last, precious day in a meeting where I just discovered that, despite the fact that the meeting is going from 10am-3pm, they are not providing us with lunch.

This is obviously unacceptable. And on a Friday, no less!

It is only my life-long desire to not get into trouble that is keeping me from ditching the meeting entirely.

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