Small Bites

At the start of the summer, I bought a family pool pass for the local outdoor pool. We have a YMCA membership and the Y closest to us has a pool but it is small and indoors and swimming indoors in the summer just isn’t my jam. For our pool, it costs between $21-24 for our family to go swimming, depending on how many of us go. This number is insane to me, as I still think pools should cost $1 like when I was a kid, but whatever, time marches on and my childhood pool didn’t have a lazy river so I’m making my peace with it. The family pass costs $200.

Today, I took the kids swimming for the 12th time of the summer so buying the pass is now officially a cost saving measure. I find that very satisfying.


Speaking of swimming, we have spent several hundred dollars on swim lessons for the kiddos this summer and they have been worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. Ev, at 4, can now jump in the pool and swim for at least 10 yards by herself and is a champ at back floating. Miles is diving off the high dive and can swim several laps. While they both require supervision at the pool, because of course, they are both at the stage where falling into a pool wouldn’t mean certain drowning.

The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about their increased skill is how much Ev LOVES the water. She reminds me so much of myself as a kid. She would be happy to go to the pool and swim for hours, every day. Miles likes doing the stuff at the pool: the diving board, the zipline, the lazy river. Ev just wants to swim to the wall and back out to me or swim down and touch the bottom for hours. I 100% believe that by next summer she could be a better swimmer than he is, which might very well drive him crazy.


Next week is likely to be one of the busiest weeks of the year for me at work. I’m sort of dreading it, but there’s nothing to be done about it. The only way out is through. I’ve been at my new job for two months now and I feel quite certain that I made a good choice to take  this position, even though my previous position was arguably easier than this one. I’m not sure that I’m actually *good* at my new job yet. The learning curve is steep. But a friend who works in HR said that the goal for your first six months in a new job is just to make sure you don’t set the building on fire. So, with that as a standard, I’m doing swell!


I planted a garden again this summer. So far I’ve been able to harvest 20 carrots (+18 from last summer), one bell pepper (+1), four tomatoes (-20), and 1,300,782, 871 zucchini. Today I had zucchini fritters for lunch and I’ll make some more zucchini bread tomorrow. If you come to my house right now you WILL be leaving with some zucchini. Next year, I’m planting ONE (1) zucchini seed and calling it a day.




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