Things That Should Not Be The Case

If you are a good mother who takes her children to a history museum to get through another cold winter day  for edification and enrichment AND who pays over $20 dollars for admission and parking you should NOT be charged $1 per jacket to hang up your coats. This is extra true when you live in Minnesota and it is December and the museum knows EVERYONE will be coming in wearing a jacket. It feels very nickel and dime-y and annoys me.


If you buy into the hype for a certain type of leggings AND you go against your own notions of how much one should spend on one pair of leggings, you should NOT be faced with a series of small holes in the, er, extreme upper thigh area after less than six months of use and careful following of the washing instructions.

You should also NOT discover said holes after wearing said pants out in public all dang day.


If you have recently been gifted a lovely case of art supplies and also self purchased some fantastic new pens, you should NOT have to be dealing with a flair up of carpal tunnel syndrome. Especially when your other hobbies including knitting, reading, and playing Bubble Cloud Planet on your phone– all things that make that danged tingle feeling start up.


If you have gifted your children with an assortment of lovingly selected Christmas gifts, they should NOT be allowed to have the word “bored” exit their lips for a period of at least three weeks  years.


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