Hell Yeah Songs

I finished writing the bathing suit article. No word on when it will run, so until then I’m going to listen to my new “Hell Yeah” play-list, which features only songs that make me feel extra comfortable in my own skin.

This list starts, as it must, with Lizzo who is my new favorite.


Another recent discovery is Tunde Olaniran’s Namesake. The chorus makes me want to go running just so I can listen to this while I run and feel like I’m in a movie montage. That feeling might be specific to me, I realize.

This next song is not going to be your jam if you don’t like the work bitch. And the video is fairly NSFW or kids. But I dig Lily Allen’s sense of humor and the song Hard Out Here.

Shakira’s La Tortura makes my booty forget that I don’t actually know how to dance. I like the song more than I like the video.

No “Hell Yeah” playlist for me is going to be complete without some Beyonce. There are several songs on there but my favorite is a tie between Flawless and Countdown


Sia’s The Greatest is another song that makes me wish I was a runner so I could put it on a running playlist.

There is also room for mellow songs on the Hell Yeah list. Tilted by Christine and the Queens makes me want to be French

And I need to add one more Lizzo song for good measure. Scuse Me is perfect for listening to while trying on swim wear.

Any songs I should add to this list?

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