Back in the spring, I bent over to pick up a Cheerio and when I stood back up my back was Not Good. The fact that I hurt myself picking up a fuzzy piece of cereal carelessly dropped by one of my darling children was one of the least interesting ways to injure myself that I could imagine.

I ended up having to make several trips to the chiropractor at my doctor’s office. She did some body work, introduced me to the miracle that is Biofreeze, and cheerfully reminded me that “motion is lotion!” , so I started taking long walks around the neighborhood. After months of basically no exercise, I was somewhat surprised at how much I was enjoying my walks. I listened to podcasts, looked for sidewalk poetry (this is a thing near our house and I love it), and found myself less stressed about work stuff.


All good stuff, right?

Well, no.

After several weeks of walking, my back was feeling much better. But my feet were starting to kill me as an old case of plantar fasciitis started to flare up, along with some bonus shin splints fun. So I stated to shorten up or skip the walks and now my back is feeling annoyingly stiff and and like I’m one bad sneeze from being back in the bad back space.

It is hard not to feel some fat girl discouragement here. One the one hand, I was finally being a good fattie and trying to move more and get some exercise. On the other hand, I was too out of shape to get into shape without hurting myself. I’d also recently experience a fit of extreme optimism and signed up for my first sprint triathlon in over five years. I signed up assuming that I likely walk the 5K “run” part of the tri, but I’m currently not sure if I’ll be able to do it all. Three miles isn’t that long but when you feel like your shins are on fire and/or like you’re getting stabbed in the heals as you walk, it’s just daunting. The tri is a month away and right now the best possible outcome is that I do it and come in last.

I start some physical therapy next week. Some “uncomfortable” acupuncture has been suggested as a “last resort” so I’m hoping we start with some stretching and stuff that doesn’t actually hurt. Honestly, I’m just hoping to not feel trapped in my own body and like I can take a damn walk without limping.


2 thoughts on “Indignities

  1. Jen says:

    Welcome to the PF club. (I mean, itsba sicky club, sorry!). I have had it for over a year and I can say, that alone can bring me to tears. I can’t imagine having other stuff too, and can totally relate to the idea that going on walks is a double edged sword. Good luck with therapy! Hope it helps….

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