Christmas by the Numbers

We’re in that weird zone between Christmas and New Years where I can’t quite keep track of what day of the week it is. Friday? I think? It has been super cold here lately and we’ve been mostly hanging out at home, drinking a lot of hot chocolate and, for my daughter, wearing the same pair of pajamas for the last three days. She’s starting to cross the line from cozy to dirty, so tomorrow probably means the reintroduction of pants to her lifestyle.

Some people might point out that I’ve been wearing black leggings for the last three days but that’s different… they are all different pairs of black leggings. I’m a style icon, obviously.

In a few days I’ll start getting itchy to get all the Christmas stuff put away, so before then, let’s recap the holiday, numbers style:

Time I woke up on Christmas morning: 7:45am (Having bigger kids is awesome. Miles woke up a 6:30am but just hung out until everyone else was awake. This is the same kid who, a few years ago, woke for Christmas day at 3:45am. This is better)

Miles we had to travel on Christmas Eve and Christmas day: 0 (We never travel for Christmas and I hope it stays that way forever. Waking up at home is aces for us)

Number of Christmas lights hung outside: 48, in a half-assed manner on our enclosed porch (I love people who go nuts with the outdoor lights. It is so pretty and festive. I am just not one of those people.)

Number of pounds of Christmas ham that had to get thrown away before it was even cooked because it had gone bad in the fridge: 11.5 (Sob)

Size of the new ham purchased the next day because damn it, I want ham at Christmas: 12 delicious, salty pounds

Flavors of hot chocolate currently available in my kitchen: 4 (regular, peppermint, salted caramel, and double chocolate. Tis the season.)

Number of presents that went straight from unwrapping to the Goodwill bag: 1 (I’m won’t share what it was but suffice it to say that there is someone who has a perfect instinct for getting me things I do not want)(Note, this person is not, thankfully, my husband)

Number of presents I purchased for a kid that it turns out the kid already had: 1 (Do I have a receipt or any recollection of where I purchased it from, many months ago? No, I do not. Will it be re-gifted? Yes, yes it will)

Number of terrible but cozy Hallmark or Hallmark adjacent Christmas movies view by me, alone, as I do my knitting like a proper old lady: 5 (The one where the woman falls in love with the ghost who assumes human form for the 12 days before Christmas was my favorite)(Yes, that is the real story line)

Eggs in my basically perfect Christmas egg bake: 8 (The perfection comes from the fact that there is A LOT of cheese also invited to the party.)

Children who still believe in Santa: 1.5 (I don’t think Miles still believes but doesn’t want to say it out loud yet. Still hedging his bets)

Days until I go back to work: 3

Days I plan to wear black leggings: 3


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