What’s Making Me Happy?

My last post was kind of a downer, so let’s talk about something more fun, shall we?

I’ve been trying lately to be more aware of things that are making me happy or that I’m enjoying. Things have been really stressful at work this year and I’m facing a period of professional transition as I’ll be getting a new boss (a player to be named later) in a few months.  I find that bad days at work combined with the on-going shit show that is our current political situation can all to easily overshadow the rest of my life, making it feel like life is this grinding thing, when, in actuality, I’ve got a pretty good situation.

Somethings that have made my good list lately have included:

Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time

I LOVED Black Panther and I think it is the better of the two most recent movies I’ve seen in the theatre, but I’m really, really glad both movies exist. I don’t think A Wrinkle in Time was a perfect movie but I did get teary eyed watching it because I could already picture the day in the future when I’ll show it to Ev (at 5 years old I don’t think she’d get it yet) and she’ll see a lead character who looks like her and is complicated and smart and not focused on being nice or making life easier for the men around her. I want THAT in way more movies, please.

And Black Panther? Man, I can’t wait to show her that one too. The female characters were so bad ass – every one of them strong in a different way. If she wants to shave her head after watching it, I’m saying yes.

Where Am I Now by Mara Wilson

I’m about a quarter of the way into this memoir and really enjoying it so far. Mara Wilson is a talented writer and her perspectives on childhood fame are really interesting, especially given that she didn’t fall victim to a lot of the terrible outcomes for child actors. Her parents seemed to have done right by her, she didn’t end up on drugs, and her thoughts on her appearance and the value of being pretty felt really relatable. I recommend!

The plan to travel

I’m basically 47% happier at any given moment when I know I have a trip to look forward to. This year’s big trip is going to be a train trip to Toronto and Montreal and I am beyond excited about it. We’re going to sleep on the train and have adventures and it will be the first time the kids get to use their passports. I’m literally counting the days…but there are still a lot of days before we go, so I get to enjoy the anticipation for a good long while.

The Billfold

Full disclosure time: I’ve written a few pieces for this website. But even if I hadn’t, I’d still enjoy it. I’m a fan of real people talking about what they actually do with their money and finding how much things really cost. I also sometimes like the Money Diaries on Refinery 29, except that I find them to sometimes be unrelateable as the people in them rarely fess up to buying things like fast food or frozen pizzas. Surely not everyone is always eating organic, are they? The comments section for these posts can be bitchier than Billfold, which is a plus or minus depending on how much you enjoy people judging each other’s finances

My children’s teachers

My children are both fortunate this year to have REALLY good, caring teachers. My son’s teacher last year was (pauses diplomatically) NOT A GOOD FIT and I feel like he had basically a lost year. His current teacher is so good I want to send her bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. And my daughters kindergarten teacher is basically the Platonic ideal of a kindergarten teacher – warm, lovely, tender hearted but firm as needed.

The Arrangement

This show is a soapy drama about an actress and her contract to marry a fellow actor who is heavily involved in group that is basically Scientology. It is currently the show I am most looking forward to getting the next episode of and since it airs on Sunday nights, looking forward to it helps me fight the Sunday night sads.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

My favorite podcast is always smart and funny. I also stole the idea for this post from their regular feature on what’s making them happy.


Blog cliché alert: what’s making you happy lately?



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