Disney: Magic Kingdom and Epcot


For our last full day in Florida, me and my girl did a double header: Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I had planned to just go to Magic Kingdom and then I realized that the Monorail would connect us pretty easily so we decided to go for it. It made for a long day and I don’t really feel like we did Epcot justice as we were only there for about three hours, but I’m still glad we went since I’d never been. Now I know that if/when we go back to Florida, I want to spend a whole day there, especially since the kids will be older and more into it.

As with Animal Kingdom, I highly recommend getting some FastPasses. If you can get one for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, go for it. Both times I’ve been to Magic Kingdom, that’s been the ride with the longest line. That wasn’t an option for us (all the passes had been snapped up by the time we booked), so we FastPassed for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (so fun, we did it four times), Splash Mountain (also fun and you get MUCH LESS wet than you do on the water rides at Universal), and Space Mountain (a classic that I loved and that Ev found too scary to do a second time. I’ll be honest, getting her on it the first time took some bribery). Since we didn’t really plan ahead for Epcot, we didn’t have any FastPasses. If I had to do it again, I would try to get a FastPass for Test Track (fast and fun) or Soarin’ Around the World (this is a MUST ride. Not scary at all but really cool). The other highlight of Epcot was the mini-aquarium area (near the Finding Nemo rides, naturally) where Ev and I happily watch manatees swim for at least 15 minutes.

Also, as with Animal Kingdom, I was really pleased that both parks were fat person friendly. The only ride that would be tough for a bigger person was the Seven Dwarfs ride because of the way the bar goes over your legs (knees together, bar goes around your hips/thighs). If you are a pear shape or carry weight in your hips and are bigger than a size 24 pants, it will be a tight fit. Everything else was easy and comfortable.

I will say that my plan to avoid crowds by going in September totally paid off at both parks. It was still SO HOT but the lines for most of the rides were less than 15 minutes. Ev and I had said a goal to go on at least 15 different rides and we totally hit that goal with enough time to do some rides multiple times. If you can handle the heat, going in September is worth it.

On a final note, even though we had a great time, I’m still not a *DISNEY!!!* person. I’ll never wear a Disney shirt or have a favorite princess, but would I go again? Yep!

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